The upcoming holidays are the most wonderful time of the year—but your business needs to move. The happy times can quickly become a headache, leading you to face an abundance of stress and frustration, but only if you fail to do it right. Fortunately, you can still get around the problems that await you through careful planning.

Your office move will go smoothly by scheduling the things you have to do, especially if you manage a large corporation. You need to think about numerous considerations, so start preparing right away. Here are some tips that can help you.

1. Timing Is Essential

When booking an office move, time is of the essence. The Christmas season could be the busiest time of year for most industries, and it goes the same for commercial moving companies. Lots of people are taking time off, so they can’t grab as many projects as their normal load.

If you procrastinate finding a good moving company, you might have to settle for lower quality services. It’s crucial to hire a mover early, especially if your business has specific moving needs and particular details.

2. Commit to Organization

In planning a commercial move, it’s important to start the packing process months ahead.

First, arrange essential items and set aside those you won’t bring to the new office. Consequently, group items that belong together. Label and number each of the boxes and make a spreadsheet tracker for easier unpacking once you get to the new site.

Next, evaluating the utility of the office goods becomes necessary. Consider donating office items that you won’t have any use for. After all, the world can do more good during the holidays.

3. Move during the Middle of the Week

Finding the right time to move can be quite a challenge. But during this season, it’s noticeable how weekends are busier than ever. Because of this, the ideal schedule is a mid-week morning. 

However, note that this can disrupt company workflow, so talk to your management team about alternative working arrangements.

4. Consider a High Chance of Delays

A part of planning is to consider the chances that things might experience delays. Because you are moving during the holiday season, you can’t escape the likelihood that even the best local movers have to reduce their operating hours or decrease the number of their working crew members.

Consequently, you may also need to think about the schedule of storage facility providers and utility companies. Their availability can alter your move’s timeline, or you might have to work with another company for the best result.

Finally, your final (possible) enemy is the weather conditions. It is always unpredictable no matter where you live, so there’s always a probability that a natural disaster might come in and mess up your moving schedule because of a road closure.

Final Thoughts

Planning an office move can cause you a lot of stress, and it can ruin the merriment the end of the year brings. Make the process smooth and easy for you by working with reputable movers.

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