Long-distance moving requires a lot of preparation. Aside from the fact that the trip itself may be tiring, you also have to ensure the excellent condition of your valuables during the move. In such a case, there are tips and tricks that you must follow to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly. 

It may not be as simple as a local move. Still, with the right attitude and appropriate amounts of alertness, you can very much breeze through the whole experience without any of the headaches that others often have during their transfer.

The following are just a few recommendations that you may apply before, during, and after your long-distance move.

1. Make a Complete List of Your Items

Consider your list as an inventory of sorts. Make sure that you’ll list down all of the valuables that you’d bring with you. It’s bad enough that you may forget something significant at your old home, but it’s much worse if you happen to forget it in a location that is thousands of miles away.

Do it systematically. Start with your kitchen and then your bathroom. You can then go through the garage to then proceed with the bedrooms. From the smallest up to the largest items in your home, list them down and remember how they will be packed afterward. You may categorize them in the list, segregating them depending on where they will be placed within your new home.

2. Get Rid of Clutter 

Admit it—not all of the things you have right now will be essential in your new home. Declutter if you must and eliminate all unnecessary items that may just be considered a mess in the future. 

Broken gadgets, old furniture, unusable wardrobe, and even those fully-solved crossword puzzles that you’ve kept lying around for years, all of them must go! By doing this, you will be traveling light, and you’ll be able to focus on the more essential things and amenities.

3. Plan Ahead of Schedule

If you could visit or get a glimpse of your new home, you should already know how big it is. In such a case, you should bring a tape measure on your first visit so you would be able to get the dimensions of each room and section. 

By doing this, you will be able to estimate the placements of your valuables, regardless of their size and weight. Remember, planning will always move you way ahead of other unnecessary hassles along the way.

4. Pack All Your Items Properly

Since you will be traveling over a long-distance, you should consider doubling the bubble wrap on all your fragile valuables. You may also need to buy new boxes, as worn-out ones may not be enough to protect your items, especially if they tend to turn on their side. 

Some roads are just too rough or too winded to go through, so don’t take your chances and keep your valuables protected. See to it that they are also insured, just in case something were to go wrong during the move. If you happen to run out of bubble wrap, no worries, as one major life hack would be to use your sheets and clothes for those fragile valuables.


Long-distance moving doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you are well-prepared even before the actual day of the move. Make an inventory of your items, declutter all unnecessary things, and wrap them all up to ensure that none of them will break during the trip. 

You may also need to revisit your inventory just to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. If you plan ahead of schedule, you will be able to prevent all of the hassles that most people experience during a move, and you will also have a smooth transition towards your new home.

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