Relocating a business headquarters is an experience that can turn from exciting to downright terrible. It’s the beginning of a new journey, but as rewarding as it may be, moving an entire company isn’t easy. There are many factors to consider, whether scaling up or down for efficiency or relocating in or out of the city. 

If you find yourself in charge of organizing the workplace move, here are a few essential moving recommendations for companies to make the process practically painless:

1. Order New Equipment Well in Advance

You want to have everything you need when you transfer offices, so order new equipment and furnishings 1–2 months in advance so that everything is there and ready for you to unload and settle in. However, if you buy too many big goods, you will wind up paying for their shipment twice: once to come to you and once to be relocated again. Coordination with your suppliers should ensure that your purchases arrive at the new office shortly before you move in.

2. Hire Your Moving Company Early

Because relocating a corporate office requires a lot of equipment and details, obtain a complete estimate and engage a full-service moving firm 1–3 months in advance. Check that they have expertise with business relocation and have them provide you with an on-site estimate for the move—or, even better, obtain references from people in your network who have relocated offices in the past. Movers should be held to the same professional standards as everyone else with whom you do business.

3. Get the IT Team on Board

Give your IT staff three months’ notice to begin arranging the transfer of all technical items like internet subscriptions, phone connections, and so on. Your company’s IT team will need to assess the new facility for any improvements required, either to the infrastructure or the equipment moved to the new workplace. When moving to a new corporate office and getting operations back up and running ASAP, you want the IT side of things to go as smoothly as possible. Do your homework ahead of time.

4. Plan Well in Advance

Begin preparing your relocation 4–6 months before you want to make the change so that you can attend to all of the details without getting overwhelmed. Once you’ve determined that you’ll be moving into a new office, scope out the area and plan the layout, including where everything and everyone will go. This will enable you to plan out your requirements for new office equipment and offer workers the chance to conduct their preparation ahead of time for their new area. Make a map or floor plan accessible to both workers and movers so that everyone is on the same page going forward.

5. Schedule Client Meetings and Deadlines Appropriately

Allow yourself and your employees a three-day buffer zone around the office relocation, with no client meetings and no significant deadlines. Nobody likes rushing around looking for a clean location to have a meeting, and having a significant report due to your desk being unpacked is stressful. Mark your calendars and prepare appropriately after you’ve determined your relocation date.

6. Have Employees Be Well-Organized

When workers pack personal possessions and individual supplies, have them write their names on the box’s exterior in numerous locations. That will help movers arrange them in the correct spot according to the layout plan you created. Place name cards in the appropriate places at your new workplace to assist your movers in being efficient and organized.

7. Update Your Address Everywhere

Make sure your customers know you are relocating and change your website, business cards, letterhead, and other promotional materials approximately a week before the relocation. Contact Google a month in advance to have your online listing and address updated; this change may take a little longer to take effect since they need to provide confirmation documents. Also, notify any suppliers or vendors to ensure that future deliveries are sent to the proper address.

Final Thoughts

As a company owner, you must make a significant choice about office relocation. It may not only create a significant interruption to business operations, but it can also lead to a loss of productivity, which can eventually harm your organization. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your workplace move goes as smoothly and tastefully as possible to prevent unwanted repercussions.

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