Despite your hectic schedule preparing for your fast-approaching moveout, you still need to carefully choose from a bevy of moving services out there and land on a good moving company that will help you lighten the burdensome and stressful experience of moving. To do just that, you need a checklist of considerations in choosing a moving company to book your moving date with.

You may be too busy and preoccupied with a long to-do list that you need advice on how to choose the best moving company. Read on for all the things you need to think about:

(Affordable) Rate

No questions asked; price is one of the people’s primary considerations in choosing which moving company to go for. Affordability and value for money are what you should look into in particular. It’s best to ask for quotations from different moving companies and compare rates. Distance and the weight of your possessions carry so much impact in determining the price of the moving service. Usually, the weight rate is per pound.

If your new location is relatively close, some moving companies will impose a per-hour rate to determine the price. The vehicle to be used is also considered in pricing. When asking for a quote, ask for the breakdown of costs to account for everything and avoid hidden charges.

License To Operate

The US Department of Transportation Number is the first thing a legitimate moving company secures in running moving services. This credential is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) among business operator applicants, registering their company to be sanctioned by the governing institution for state-to-state traveling.

If a moving company that you asked about does not show a USDOT, it may mean that it only operates within your state.


One crucial consideration for your choice of movers is insurance. This sets a moving company apart from other contractors that do not offer insurance. However, this option comes with a price. Despite being an additional cost, moving services offering insurance assures customers that the company will be liable for any untoward incident during the move, including your valuable possession being damaged due to recklessness.

The additional cost of getting insurance depends on the weight of the shipment. It’s a good thing to have if you have many valuable possessions to be shipped, insuring them for damage or loss.

Storage and Packing Offerings

A good moving company also offers packing and storage services to ensure that items being shipped are organized and protected. To keep your essential and personal belongings clean, some companies provide wraps for free.  

Dig into their tagging and labeling system to know how a company does it for you. Make a list of all your items and note the number of boxes put into the service vehicle and everything that you give them to be transported. Big companies also offer storage for hassle-free moving.


These are some of the most important considerations when choosing a moving company to work with. Despite the number of things to do becoming downright overwhelming as your moveout creeps closer, do not hire a moving company impulsively. Hiring a good moving company is a gem during stressful moments, so you need to choose carefully.

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