Moving to a new home would probably be one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. Besides having a new environment and neighborhood to interact with, you may also experience new opportunities you couldn’t experience before within your old community. Indeed, moving to a new place has many perks; however, before you can even get excited about the whole prospect, you must first pack your valuables accordingly.

Failing to pack your belongings properly will not only add the risk of scratching them, but you may also end up with a broken item that is too damaged to be used in the future. In such a case, you must do everything to ensure that they wouldn’t get too banged up during the move. One of the ways to do this would be with the help of proper packing items.

These items, when used accordingly, will not only protect your belongings while you’re making your way towards your new home; it will also give you peace of mind, knowing they are all well-protected regardless of their weight and size. To accomplish your packing efficiency checklist, listed below are just some of the most common tools and items you can use:

Boxes and Bubble Wraps

Two items that you would need from the very beginning are varied-sized boxes and bubble wraps. The boxes are for containing your valuables but not before wrapping everything up in bubble wraps. Doing so would greatly decrease the chance of damaging all your beloved items. While sizing options can vary, you must acquire boxes large enough to contain your appliances as well. 

Sure, you may still have their original container from the day when you first bought them, but even those cardboard containers may not stand the test of time. They will usually weaken and tear off. On the other hand, you can reinforce your items with sheets of bubble wrap, especially those made from glass or electrical parts.

Tapes and Cutters

One is used to keep things intact, while the other is used to segregate them into parts. Of course, the tapes will secure your boxes once you are done filling them up with your bubble-wrapped amenities. Make sure no flap will be left untapped; otherwise, they may open up during the trip. This will result in your items getting spilled over and crushed even before you arrive at your new home.

Besides cutting your bubble wrap sheets and packaging tape, cutters can also modify your larger boxes. The cutters will be used to cut up your bigger cardboard into smaller boxes if ever you have an excess of the former.

Styrofoam and Corner Protectors

Styrofoam comes in many forms. While most of them come in bundles to secure the safety and high quality of your valuables, some are also shaped into the outlines of your appliances. They are designed this way to protect your appliances firmly within their respective boxes.

Corner protectors are fitted on the corners of your furniture and other appliances so that they wouldn’t bang up with the inner surface of their boxes and the outer layers of the moving truck. Apply these elements so that your valuables will not be damaged along the way.


Take note of all these items whenever you are packing up your valuables for a major move. Aside from protecting your appliances and furniture, these tools will also hold your belongings perfectly in place, avoiding any scratches due to slight bumps on the road.

Prepare your set of boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, cutters, styrofoam, and corner protectors. Trust us; it is always better to be prepared with these items than spend way more on a damaged amenity.

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