Change, although constant, is not something everyone takes well. And pets, in particular, tend to have trouble adjusting to change. Unlike you or your human family members, your pets will not be able to properly understand what’s going on in their surroundings. So, when you decide to move to a new place, the whole experience can be quite confusing for them. It can even induce their anxiety. And this is why it is important to keep your pets safe throughout the moving process so that they can better adjust to this new environment.

Plan Out Your Entire Move

The first thing you need to do to ensure your pet’s safety is to plan out your entire move. When you stay organized, you can lessen mistakes and make things more comfortable for them.

Let’s say you’re moving to a different city. How will you be getting there? Are you able to drive to your new residence or will you need to take a plane? The mode of transportation and the duration of the trip are important factors since your pets are not used to traveling.

If the trip is short enough to drive to, then your pets may be more comfortable staying in the car, as they can have more room to move around. However, if you need to take a plane, you have to ensure they feel comfortable in their carrier.

Keep Your Pets Away While the Movers Work

Keep in mind that the moving process can be quite hectic, and having strangers moving around your home can make your pets anxious. They can also get hurt in the process as the movers may not notice your pet while moving things around. 

To make things less chaotic, it’s best to keep your pets away from your home while the movers work. If you have family or friends nearby that your pets are familiar with, perhaps you can ask them to watch after your pet for a bit. You can also try taking them to a pet hotel or salon to keep them safe during the move. 

Set Up Their Essentials as Soon as You Get There

Moving can be tiring, and once you get into your new home, you may not have any energy to unload some of the items from the boxes. Yet, you should make an exception for your pet essentials.

Remember, your pet has likely been stressed or anxious from the whole moving process. And if they’ve been in their carrier for a long time, they would want to get out and feel more comfortable. So, it’s important to make them feel at home in their new home by setting up their essentials.

You are essentially introducing them to a new environment, and they may not take this so well. But having some of the things they’re familiar with around them can perhaps help them adjust. In particular, you should take out their food and water bowls and their bed. If you have a cat, make sure to set up their litter box to avoid accidents in your new home. And to make them feel more at ease, you can also surround them with their favorite toys.

Final Thoughts

Moving can be quite a stressful ordeal, especially for your pets. So, it’s important to take the right measures to keep them safe throughout the process. This means planning ahead and staying organized. And of course, don’t forget to be there for them and create an environment where they can feel more at ease.

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