Moving long-distance is different from moving locally. You can’t just pack up and go. You have to consider a lot of things, like getting your car registered in your new state and license, finding a job and housing in the area, making sure that your children attend the same schools, and figuring out how much to sell your house for.

All of that said, you’re also going to have to deal with moving all of your things from one home to another.

Here are some handy tips for moving long-distance:

Declutter: Keep, Sell, or Donate

There’s a pretty big chance you’re not going to need every single little thing from your old place at your new one. When was the last time you actually used that deep green dress you bought for a cousin’s wedding three years ago? Oh, you’re keeping your golf clubs in case you ever decide to pick up the sport again? 

Take a realistic look at every single thing around your house. As you declutter, decide what to keep, sell, or donate. Try not to be sentimental about things you won’t be using anymore. By getting rid of them, you’re giving your once-beloved items a new home.

Give Your Outdoor Furniture a Closer Look

Whatever outdoor furniture you have, even if it looks fine at face value, it’s crucial to take a closer look. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on possible insect infestations-or worse, lots of larvae. There are moving regulations in existence when it comes to furniture so that contaminants cannot be accidentally brought across state lines.

There are government pamphlets at hand for more information on specific regulations. It also has helpful information on getting rid of pests like moths or larvae that may have accumulated on your outdoor furniture. 

Have a Full-On Inventory List

Whoever you end up hiring for your long-distance move will definitely need to know all about your stuff. The best way to give them a proper estimate of how much stuff there is to move will be to have an inventory list at hand. Aside from accurate price estimates, it’s also great for organization purposes. 

Checking something off from point A then again at point B takes away any worries that something was forgotten or lost during travel.

Make Sure Your Things Are Insured Well

When traveling long distances, your things are exposed to everything that comes along: rough handling by other movers, sun and rain, and changes in temperature and humidity. You may run into problems with broken items or lost items. If a problem arises, do your homework ahead of time. Find out which insurance coverage you want and how much it will cost. 

If you are still unsure, let the company do the research for you. They will explain the different coverage levels and help you make the final decision.


Moving long-distance can be a lot of work, but being prepared is great for stress relief. It’s also ideal for streamlining things in the long run. Key tips include having an inventory list, decluttering, and making sure things are insured well. 

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