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Kayla Harris Avatar
Kayla Harris
11/05/2020 - Google

When our original movers cancelled on us the day before we planned on moving I reached out to taclog movers. Jason was able to get us scheduled last minute and sent over two incredibly kind... read more

Jennifer Cummings Avatar
Jennifer Cummings
10/22/2020 - Google

Did a great job unpacking my pods. They were efficient, clean and friendly.

Bryan Jackson Avatar
Bryan Jackson
10/11/2020 - Google

I have used Taclog twice within 3 months. They moved my family and I, and also moved my mother. Christian, Tyler and Josh work extremely hard and make sure the job is done right. They... read more

B J. Avatar
B J.
5 star rating
9/24/2020 - Yelp

I have used Taclog moving services for 2 different moves. The movers Chris, Josh and Tyler are quick and thorough. They moved everything in the house where we needed and put together our beds and... read more

Jennifer Lyn S. Avatar
Jennifer Lyn S.
5 star rating
8/15/2020 - Yelp

I would recommend this moving company to everyone! They showed up on time! They took very good care of our furniture, wrapped everything moved it all with care! They were very polite & respectful! They... read more

Michael Marchena Avatar
Michael Marchena
7/09/2020 - Google

TacLog is the only company that I will use for my moves. We have used TacLog 5 times total at this point between residential moving and business/offices. I always recommend them to my buyers and... read more

Lysa H. Avatar
Lysa H.
5 star rating
7/01/2020 - Yelp

We encountered a nightmare situation where our hired San Diego-based movers were unable to get a truck out to our place in Temecula to move our 3 BR apartment to our house in San Diego... read more

Don Ludington Avatar
Don Ludington
6/22/2020 - Google

There are a fantastic moving company. I tried to bring a box out and Christians stopped me and no that’s our job. I would highly recommend them for your move. No damage all 1st... read more

BD V. Avatar
5 star rating
6/22/2020 - Yelp

There are a fantastic moving company. I tried to bring a box out and Christians stopped me and no that's our job. I would highly recommend them for your move. No damage all 1st... read more

Christina Gamer Avatar
Christina Gamer
6/20/2020 - Google

I hired TacLog to move me from a first floor apartment to a third floor apartment. There is no was I could have done the move without them. They were efficient, handled my belongings carefully,... read more

Alex Stark Avatar
Alex Stark
5/27/2020 - Google

We used TacLog to move from Temecula to the Dallas TX area. We were very please with them. We had interviews server all other companies and found TacLog to be the best value. Jason was... read more

Brian Friesen Avatar
Brian Friesen
5/13/2020 - Google

Taclog Moving is great to work with, I'd definitely recommend giving them a call!

ALicia Good Avatar
ALicia Good
4/20/2020 - Google

We've moved several times and we used various moving services; my husband and I both said that using Taclog was the easiest and best move of them all. Everybody was very nice, and we were... read more

Garnett C. Avatar
Garnett C.
5 star rating
4/20/2020 - Yelp

I hired this company to move our 5 bedroom house. They provided excellent service. They were on time, good attitude, went the extra mile and were very quick. Most importantly they did not damage... read more

Christina A. Avatar
Christina A.
5 star rating
4/05/2020 - Yelp

I hired this company to move me from a 1st floor / 2 BDRM apt to a 3rd floor/ 3 BDRM apt. They were quick, on time, very nice, and hard working. I could not... read more

MZ K. Avatar
5 star rating
3/27/2020 - Yelp

I was moving and needed help moving my washer and dryer from the first floor of my old place in Temecula to my new place in Murrieta. The laundry area happens to be located... read more

Ruben V. Avatar
Ruben V.
5 star rating
3/26/2020 - Yelp

We cannot recommend this company enough for fast, efficient, professional, and friendly service. A month prior to our move, we had helped a friend move who was using a different company, and it was... read more

Diane Singleton-Smith Avatar
Diane Singleton-Smith
3/06/2020 - Facebook

I highly recommend Taclog to help with any of your moving needs. They are professional, on time and affordable. Best in town!

Diane Singleton-Smith Avatar
Diane Singleton-Smith
3/05/2020 - Google

I highly recommend Taclog. They are professionals who are exceptional at their work! Their pricing is affordable and they are extremely responsive to the smallest request. Work was done right and on time. I would... read more

Chris N. Avatar
Chris N.
5 star rating
2/01/2020 - Yelp

TacLog was awesome! They arrived during their stated window and got straight to work. They got the truck loaded fast and with great care. Unloading was great - they were in constant communication to ensure... read more

Steve Fox Avatar
Steve Fox
11/19/2019 - Facebook

Could not ask for a better team of movers - Steven and Brandt were super friendly, courteous and hardworking - they are both veterans in the industry. They know all the trade secrets needed to... read more

Ted K. Avatar
Ted K.
5 star rating
11/07/2019 - Yelp

The service was outstanding with TacLog Moving. They really were timely and very efficient. I would definitely recommend them !!!

Lola Monaco Avatar
Lola Monaco
10/01/2019 - Facebook

Our experience with Taclog was phenomenal. We were done on time, everything was intact, no extra charges, and friendly atmosphere was provided. I gave 5 stars to Taclog. Threat job!!!! I would recommend them to... read more

Randy Catiller Avatar
Randy Catiller
9/19/2019 - Facebook

These folks rescued us from a failed move and delivered in what our original group failed to do. The communication was phenomenal: very clear expectations were set and these guys exceeded them. ... read more

Randy C. Avatar
Randy C.
5 star rating
9/18/2019 - Yelp

These folks rescued us from a failed move and it was a master class in service, organization and communication. They finished the job ahead of schedule, nothing damaged and set proper expectations. I... read more

Stephanie B. Avatar
Stephanie B.
5 star rating
6/23/2019 - Yelp

Outstanding customer service! The men were super efficient and made everything fit in our POD. Easiest move we've had by far! Best moving service ever!!

Linda Gressick Avatar
Linda Gressick
5/08/2019 - Facebook

Awesome movers! Very professional and courteous. As an added bonus, the movers were three of the nicest guys we ever met. They actually made what could have been a stressful day a pleasure!

Linda G. Avatar
Linda G.
5 star rating
5/08/2019 - Yelp

These guys are great!!! I highly recommend them. From the initial call to the very end, everyone was extremely professional and courteous. The crew that packed and loaded our stuff were awesome. ... read more

Sandra R. Avatar
Sandra R.
5 star rating
5/07/2019 - Yelp

Awesome experience from start to finish! Very responsive, reliable and professional. Movers called to let me know when they would be arriving, showed up in the time frame promised, extremely friendly, fast working, got in... read more

Kari C. Avatar
Kari C.
5 star rating
5/01/2019 - Yelp

We have moved many times and I have to say this has been the easiest move that we ever made because of Taclog. They are very professional and got the job done without any problems.... read more

Ashley Nichole Bente Avatar
Ashley Nichole Bente
4/18/2019 - Facebook

I can’t even begin to explain how thankful our family is to have found TacLog Moving Service!! Our family was put into such a horrible situation with a leak in our rental and TacLog came... read more

Ashley M. Avatar
Ashley M.
5 star rating
4/14/2019 - Yelp

I can't even begin to explain how thankful our family is to have found TacLog Moving Service!! Our family was put into such a horrible situation with a leak in our rental and TacLog came... read more

Sharon K. Avatar
Sharon K.
5 star rating
3/28/2019 - Yelp

Moving packers Brandt and partner were fantastic. They arrived a little late but once they got there they went to work at lightning speed. They were friendly, courteous and seemed to really care... read more

Casey Gavlik Avatar
Casey Gavlik
3/25/2019 - Facebook

My husband hired Taclog to move us yesterday March 23, 2019.
The mover's we're very hard worker's. They worked a very late night with us, after doing a few moves earlier in the day.
read more

Brie B. Avatar
Brie B.
5 star rating
3/21/2019 - Yelp

*5 STARS * these guys are great! You will not be disappointed! So Jason originally came out to do an in home quote for me, I was still undecided where I was going to take... read more

Sue Harrison Avatar
Sue Harrison
2/09/2019 - Google

If you're moving and you found TacLog, this is your lucky day. Jason sent his crew of Brandt, Ryan, Nathan, Christian, and Nathan (I hope I didn't forget anybody because they were all fantastic!) to... read more

Sue H. Avatar
Sue H.
5 star rating
2/08/2019 - Yelp

If you're moving and you found TacLog, this is your lucky day. Jason sent his crew of Brandt, Ryan, Nathan, Christian, and Nathan (I hope I didn't forget anybody because they were all fantastic!) to... read more

Brittney Tiger Avatar
Brittney Tiger
2/02/2019 - Google

Just used TacLog moving for my move at the end of January and I don't think I could have found a better moving service! They were great! Made everything so easy and they were quick... read more

Brittney T. Avatar
Brittney T.
5 star rating
2/02/2019 - Yelp

Just used TacLog moving for my move at the end of January and I don't think I could have found a better moving service! They were great! Made everything so easy and they were quick... read more

Ramona W. Avatar
Ramona W.
5 star rating
1/29/2019 - Yelp

I contacted TacLogMoving a second time since we were very satisfied with the first moving job. The manager Brandt answered promptly and accurate and had still the old data (list of furniture) available in order... read more

On The Go R. Avatar
On The Go R.
5 star rating
12/01/2018 - Yelp

This experience with Taclog was above expected. I will recommend these movers to all. They hustled the whole time, their communication between each other was on cue! The price was fair and honest! Thank you... read more

Taylor K. Avatar
Taylor K.
5 star rating
11/25/2018 - Yelp

We had a last minute move that we needed help with and we were SO happy that we went with these guys! They were super fast and with only two guys, they were able to... read more

Holly T. Avatar
Holly T.
5 star rating
11/16/2018 - Yelp

Outstanding service! We had a last minute change of move date and they were very understanding. The movers also did an excellent job in moving our furniture carefully and making sure to place everything where... read more

Elizabeth P. Avatar
Elizabeth P.
5 star rating
11/13/2018 - Yelp

Moving is something that I always dread because I have collected to many things over the years. (ok I'm a borderline hoarder lol) Taclog made my move super smooth! I called in and from the... read more

L C. Avatar
L C.
5 star rating
11/11/2018 - Yelp

TacLog pulled through for me when I needed an urgent next-day move from Murietta to the Glendale area near Los Angeles. When I called them they set me up with a website to list my... read more

Caleb H. Avatar
Caleb H.
5 star rating
10/20/2018 - Yelp

Brandt and Chelsea have the most hustle I've seen in anyone. Ever. Full stop. They were literally running up and down the stairs at the apartment. They're professional, quick, and took GREAT care of our... read more

Amie J. Avatar
Amie J.
5 star rating
10/11/2018 - Yelp

This company was easy to schedule and communicate with, fairly priced, professional and NICE. Would highly recommend them. Thanks Nate, Julian and Cris for moving our piano today.

Douglas A. Avatar
Douglas A.
5 star rating
10/07/2018 - Yelp

These guys are solid. Came in and worked fast. They were careful with our stuff and I will use them again. And as a Realtor, they are a company I will be recommending to clients,... read more

Stacy Pennington Avatar
Stacy Pennington
9/29/2018 - Facebook

I highly recommend TacLog Moving! This is the second time I’ve used them. They are very fast, extremely careful, nice, polite and professional. You won’t be disappointed! They’re amazing!!

Stacy P. Avatar
Stacy P.
5 star rating
9/29/2018 - Yelp

I highly recommend TacLog Moving! This is the second time I've used them. They are very fast, extremely careful, nice, polite and professional. You won't be disappointed! They're amazing!!

Lauren Meyers Avatar
Lauren Meyers
8/14/2018 - Facebook

Thank you for yet another successful move! Our multiple experiences with TacLog have been nothing but the best! They helped my Grandma move this past weekend and she keeps talking about how impressed she was... read more

Jamie Sigafoos Avatar
Jamie Sigafoos
8/12/2018 - Facebook

These guys were amazing!! Easily fit us in on a couple days notice. Moved all out big/mid stuff under 3 hours. They were working their professional butts off. Will recommend this company every time!! Thanks Brandt!

Bryan V. Avatar
Bryan V.
5 star rating
8/11/2018 - Yelp

Great prices, great service, great overall experience.I had to change my move in date to a different date during the same week and they were able to accommodate.Use TacLog and you will not regret it.

Breanna Danielle Avatar
Breanna Danielle
6/05/2018 - Facebook

Highly recommend TacLog moving services for your move! Brandt and Jason were awesome! Very professional, quick , efficient, and friendly. First time hiring movers for my move and i did my research and by far... read more

Jessica Schaefer Avatar
Jessica Schaefer
5/05/2018 - Facebook

Amazing job! I actually saw them RUNNING from my home to the truck. My move couldn’t have been done quicker or more efficiently.

Josh Good Avatar
Josh Good
5/01/2018 - Facebook

Taclog moving services is the best moving services out there! we appreciate all there hard work, and dilience in handle our personal belongings from the old house to the next highly recommend for all our... read more

Bret An Alicia Good Avatar
Bret An Alicia Good
5/01/2018 - Facebook

Taclog moving services is the step above moving service. From their customer satisfaction to the quality of their work I couldn’t of been happier. Individually wrapping all of my big pieces of furniture and... read more

Jason Rowley Avatar
Jason Rowley
5/01/2018 - Facebook

TacLog moving is an exceptional moving company. These guys set the bar high for how a professional moving company does business. Jason was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in tasking this move. His guys Ceasar and... read more

Bonnie B. Avatar
Bonnie B.
5 star rating
3/18/2018 - Yelp

I hired another moving company to move a two bedroom apartment to a five bedroom house and Taclog said that, if they don't work out that they'd have my back. On the day of my... read more

Amber O. Avatar
Amber O.
5 star rating
2/10/2018 - Yelp

Look no further. Seriously. I moved from Murrieta to Menifee back in December but have been so busy, I am just now posting a review. Sorry, guys. But look, to anyone searching out there: I... read more

Lisa M. Avatar
Lisa M.
5 star rating
2/04/2018 - Yelp

TacLog is awesome! They are nice, professional, show up on time and work hard until the job is done! Jason was very nice when he arrived at my house to give me an... read more

Lauren M. Avatar
Lauren M.
5 star rating
1/23/2018 - Yelp

TacLog Moving is the best! This is the third time we have used them to move our home, and once again they did not disappoint! From the moment we called, Jason was super helpful getting... read more

Deanna D. Avatar
Deanna D.
5 star rating
1/10/2018 - Yelp

This company was so professional and accommodating! Mike, Nate and Jose made moving so much less stressful! They showed up on time and were able to get everything moved so efficiently. When an issue with... read more

Sandy W. Avatar
Sandy W.
5 star rating
1/09/2018 - Yelp

Used these guys for the first time today. I called yesterday and was able to book movers the same day. Brett was very accommodating and understanding when we ran into some delivering issues. The movers... read more

Scot L. Avatar
Scot L.
5 star rating
1/03/2018 - Yelp

TagLog Moving Service is outstanding. They are professional, personable , show-up on time and quick and delicate too!Jason and his team(s) are in contact with you each step of the way and make a stressful... read more

Collin Iacarella Avatar
Collin Iacarella
12/05/2017 - Facebook

Great people! Their attention to detail was unlike any moving service I have ever used!

Julie Dawn Heigel Avatar
Julie Dawn Heigel
10/15/2017 - Facebook

This moving company went way above and beyond the call of duty. I found them through Google search. Left requests for several moving companies, and Jason called me right away, scheduled an... read more

Jason G. Avatar
Jason G.
5 star rating
9/07/2017 - Yelp

TacLog was easy to reserve with and made valuable suggestions for our home move. The Team Leads Cody and Jose had a plan and executed it well, while their mates Marc and Chase were... read more

Trisha P. Avatar
Trisha P.
5 star rating
8/12/2017 - Yelp

I recently relocated to Temecula from Northern California and found myself in a bind over how to get all of my belongings from the Bay Area to my new apartment. I found TacLog, called and... read more

Kimmie T. Avatar
Kimmie T.
5 star rating
7/19/2017 - Yelp

I was so glad to have found this moving company. Jason the office manger was great to deal with. The movers that were sent out Jeremy Dan and Julian were such a wonderful crew and... read more

Michael Marchena Avatar
Michael Marchena
7/15/2017 - Facebook

Professional and fast! I would highly recommend Taclog in fact I have referred them out to a few of my clients and I have heard nothing but positive feedback. If your looking for movers that... read more

Brad Winters Avatar
Brad Winters
4/23/2017 - Facebook

TacLog was amazing! If you need a fun and friendly company that gets the job done then I'd defiantly use them!

T M. Avatar
T M.
5 star rating
4/14/2017 - Yelp

I used these guys just today to do a quick move. Professional, good service, and did a great job moving me up to Temecula. Would recommend this company to anyone.

Jessica Leanne Miller Avatar
Jessica Leanne Miller
4/11/2017 - Facebook

Best in the business. All the guys were great to work with and they moved my entire home super quick! Definitely recommended!! 🙂

Lori H. Avatar
Lori H.
5 star rating
2/06/2017 - Yelp

I have moved almost every year for the last 5 years and have hired movers every time. I have never been as pleased as I was with TacLog. The three men that were sent were... read more

Susan L. Avatar
Susan L.
5 star rating
1/23/2017 - Yelp

I highly recommend Taclog! We had a difficult situation in which we had to break our move into two parts. We had great communication fromJason . He worked so well with us to make... read more

Jason Federico Avatar
Jason Federico
1/06/2017 - Google

I used TacLog Moving Services for my local move in Temecula to my storage container. The movers took time tell me what kind of furniture protection I needed to keep everything safe in my storage... read more

M B. Avatar
M B.
5 star rating
11/18/2016 - Yelp

Wow, these guys are AMAZING!!! My family and I just moved to Temecula from Oregon and dealt with movers on both ends. In fact, we had 2 sets of movers in Oregon and I... read more

Lisa D. Avatar
Lisa D.
5 star rating
10/25/2016 - Yelp

The 3 men who came out and loaded my truck worked non-stop for 5 hours. They were very professional and even did a great job cleaning up. Their customer service is outstanding! I would recommend... read more

Art Bueno Jr. Avatar
Art Bueno Jr.
8/15/2016 - Facebook

Best moving service in the IE!!! Customer focused and a great experience working with these guys!

Gouri T. Avatar
Gouri T.
5 star rating
8/09/2016 - Yelp

These guys are awesome. Got us covered at the last moment booking too. Very honest and friendly. they did all the work without wasting a single minute and also accounted for the time they used... read more

Sandy V. Avatar
Sandy V.
5 star rating
6/10/2016 - Yelp

Super happy with their service! Brandt had to keep changing our estimate as we decided what we needed and then at the last minute worked with us as we postponed the unpacking an extra day... read more

Patti F. Avatar
Patti F.
5 star rating
4/28/2016 - Yelp

The crew were great! Very hard working, careful with all our furniture, set up all the beds before they left. The disappointment came when I got the final bill and saw it was... read more

Irene L. Avatar
Irene L.
5 star rating
11/23/2015 - Yelp

These guys are awesome! They are honest, friendly, and very professional. They were able to get all my things moved so quickly. They wrapped all my valuables and quickly and safely moved... read more

John K. Avatar
John K.
5 star rating
7/10/2015 - Yelp

Brendt and hector did an amazing job helping me with my move, they got everything done in a timely manner and did an incredible job with moving everything into our old apartment and into our... read more

Kelly O. Avatar
Kelly O.
5 star rating
6/05/2015 - Yelp

If I could rate them 10 stars I would. These guys were TREMENDOUS hard workers, prompt, efficient, and careful. I could go on and on .. and on about how amazing these guys were! I'm... read more

Jay T. Avatar
Jay T.
5 star rating
5/28/2015 - Yelp

Brandt and his team were great the move was quick and everything arrived and was moved safely and with out damage. HIghly recommend these guys!!

David A. Avatar
David A.
5 star rating
5/27/2015 - Yelp

Brandt and Taclog Moving did an excellent job. We rented a 17 ft truck and Brandt with Taclog Moving was able to load the truck like a puzzle and get everything on which saved us... read more

Tom G. Avatar
Tom G.
5 star rating
4/29/2015 - Yelp

Brandt came to my house and gave me a quote immediately, and their quote was well under any other movers we called. On the day of the move, they were 1 hour and 40 minutes... read more

Laurie W. Avatar
Laurie W.
5 star rating
4/13/2015 - Yelp

I normally move my family myself with friends! This time it all happened so fast I needed some professional help! This company was nothing but professional and very polite! they packed our 2100sf house into... read more

Lori G. Avatar
Lori G.
5 star rating
4/06/2015 - Yelp

Our moving experience was very positive in all respects. The movers were on time and very careful with out belongings. They wrapped all our furniture and even their metal "dolly" cart was padded.... read more

Caleb T. Avatar
Caleb T.
5 star rating
4/02/2015 - Yelp

These guys are great. Very flexible and easy to work with, friendly, and professional. Showed up on time, even with a same day request to change my move time. They worked hard and... read more

Jeff S. Avatar
Jeff S.
5 star rating
9/19/2014 - Yelp

Great job by Hector, Brant, Joseph and the team. On time at the price initially quoted. Fast and professional! Jeff Smith - San Diego

Deb C. Avatar
Deb C.
5 star rating
5/27/2014 - Yelp

Excellent Service- from the first phone call - these guys were the BEST they priced us 4 hours and they did whatever they could to move us in that time frame...We have heavy... read more

Joy O. Avatar
Joy O.
5 star rating
4/05/2014 - Yelp

Keller Moving inc. Is AMAZING! We not only had two exceptional staff but CEO that made what would normally be a stressful day so simple. Everyone was so professional and we will use them every... read more

Joann M. Avatar
Joann M.
5 star rating
1/04/2014 - Yelp

Exceptional moving company! Chris and Jessie work well as a team and are very accommodating to your needs. They are very efficient with time and made our move so easy. I highly recommend them! Thank... read more

Rawhide W. Avatar
Rawhide W.
5 star rating
12/03/2013 - Yelp

These guys are exceptional and they made my move flawless with no hiccups. Not only do they hustle and break a sweat but they packed the truck so tight that not a square inch was... read more

Heather M. Avatar
Heather M.
5 star rating
11/15/2013 - Yelp

These guys saved my day!!! So happy to see all the positive reviews this company is getting, I would like to add my own. Had a different moving company NO SHOW... read more

Wendy W. Avatar
Wendy W.
5 star rating
9/19/2013 - Yelp

Awesome movers. Called the day before and they were there on time. Brandt (owner) was excellent at his job. Knows how to move the contents of a home without breakage or even... read more

Sherry G. Avatar
Sherry G.
5 star rating
8/09/2013 - Yelp

Unbelievably professional. It was a very emotional time and Brandt Keller was so sympathetic to my loss. He moved the contents to a charitable cause once the moving was completed and we had things left... read more

Shelly R. Avatar
Shelly R.
5 star rating
6/10/2013 - Yelp

Keller Bros Moving was professional from the first phone call, to the follow-up emails, to the prompt arrival on moving day. The movers were clean, professional, polite, and worked very hard and carefully to... read more

Karen C. Avatar
Karen C.
5 star rating
6/03/2013 - Yelp

I am as skeptical as they come but I took a chance and hoped for the best. I am so glad I picked these guys. After reading reviews from Yelp, I called and spoke with... read more

Paul H. Avatar
Paul H.
5 star rating
10/06/2012 - Yelp

First I had to change dates for the unloading after our move and Brandt was extremely accommodating. We also had to unload a second truck so this meant extra time and again the owner... read more

Kris O. Avatar
Kris O.
5 star rating
6/11/2012 - Yelp

Chase and Grant of Keller Bros moved some furniture for us from Temecula to Brentwood. You couldn't ask for better service. They carefully wrapped the furniture and delivered it promptly. These two were polite, professional... read more




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