There’s nothing more frustrating than broken things—more specifically, your things. 

If you’ve ever had to make a big move from one place to another, you know the hassle and stress that comes with packing. 

Whether it’s the process of moving out, moving in, or the transit in between, breaking fragile items is all too common. Of course, there are plenty of factors that can play into the damage—handling, transit, the way you pack, and so on. 

There’s no way to guarantee that your breakables stay intact. You can’t predict what can happen from the moment you pack the items until you open the box. But there are plenty of reliable ways to pack your things so that you have a bit of security and confidence that nothing will break.

Wrap Items Individually

Whether you’re shipping a single item or multiple things in one box, make sure to pack each item individually. A common cause for damage is the space that allows your things to move around and bump into each other. The individual wrapping serves to provide additional cushioning. 

Never put breakable items into one box without any wrapping or barriers. Do yourself a favor, and don’t skimp on the wrap or the tape. There are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives if you’re concerned about waste.

Find the Right Box

You’re bound to be drowning in boxes and packaging halfway through packing everything for our big move. Remember to find the correct box for your fragile items. There are plenty of box types, but reserve those for the breakables if you can find thick and sturdy ones. 

If the box is too big, the space will give your things a chance to move around and possibly break. If the box is too small, it might also break faster. Make sure to put your stuff into a box that’s just the right size. 

Cushion the Box

Aside from wrapping everything individually, you should also go a step further and pad the box. Add cushioning to keep things tight and secure. You can use anything from packing peanuts to bubble wrap, old cloth, scratch paper, and more. There’s even something called a packing blanket that can be very useful for this purpose. 

Label the Box

Finally, remember to label your boxes properly. No matter how competent the moving company you hire is, they can’t see through boxes. Without proper labeling, you can’t expect them to treat each box as if it contained fragile items. If you leave your boxes unlabeled, there’s no one to blame for the damage but yourself. 

The moving company can and will do their best to handle all your belongings with care. Even so, label the boxes with clear and loud warnings on every side. Yes, every side. This will help them remember and note what to be extra careful with. 

The Bottom Line

When you move from one place to another, your belongings will go through a lot before reaching your new home. From the moment you pack up the fragile items to the time that you finally open them up, there’s no telling what it might go through. The best that you can do is to pack smart. Make sure that all the items are nice and tight inside the box. Label it clearly and if possible give clear instructions to the moving company. 

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