The flurry of packing boxes, saying goodbye, and the thrill of moving can be emotionally driven, especially when it involves moving to a new home, bigger office, and other better opportunities. Between wrapping old favorites, furniture, accessories, and other personal belongings in bubble wrap, newspaper, and cardboard boxes, it’s easy to lose sight of items that don’t typically come up in your daily routine.

The chaos of moving makes it easy to overlook important things, but losing them can cause you headaches down the road. These are the things that often slip under the radar of your typical moving checklists, so we’re here to help you remember to pack them before you go!

What are Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Moving?

1. Important Documents

Hands down the most crucial item in your home is not the bed, appliances, and other furnishing — all these things can be replaced but losing your documents come with costlier consequences. Beyond having soft copies of legal documents like your birth certificates, passports, medical records, school records, and other papers, it’s proper practice to keep hard copies of them organized in a special binder so you won’t forget them when on the move. 

2. Prescriptions and Healthcare Items 

Losing your prescription can be an inconvenience since you’ll have to set another appointment with your doctor to write you a new one. Whether you or your family member has healthcare complications, don’t forget to pack up your medical records, prescriptions, and medications on your trip!

3. Hidden Items

Many hide emergency items throughout the house for safekeeping like special jewelry, money, and other valuables, so it’s understandable to forget them when you can’t see them around your house. This list should remind you to do a scavenger hunt and check for items hiding in the nooks and crannies of your space. Who knows, you may uncover something important that faded from your memories. 

4. Items Scattered Around Town

Errands can leave your items in random places around town, from leftover clothing at the dry cleaners, forgotten shoes at the repair shop, and more! Before you complete your move, be sure to dedicate a day driving around places in your community to pick up your items. 

Since you’re on the way, this is the best time to drive by the post office to officially change your address! You wouldn’t want any deliveries being sent to your old abode, so this is a crucial factor you need to remember before settling down in your new place. 

The Bottom Line: Don’t Forget These Overlooked Items When Moving 

Moving is both thrilling and incredibly exhausting since there are plenty of things to think about before hitting the road. Instead of juggling different tasks and forgetting things in between, having a professional mover take over the moving process ensures you can relocate as stress-free as possible. 

How Can TacLag Moving Help Make Your Move an Easier Experience?

Moving from one place to another is an exciting event, but the process can often be stressful down the road without any professional help. Whether you’re moving homes, offices, buildings, and more, TacLag Moving is one of the best moving companies in Murrieta, California to call! 

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