Moving to a new office is just as difficult as moving to a new home. The process usually involves oversized furniture, difficult-to-pack technology, and other important items of your workplace. As such, especially when time is often limited, it’s important to clear up time and be organized to decrease the inconvenience of moving your entire office. 

Read on for the smart tips you need to ensure that your next office relocation runs as smoothly as possible.

Tip: Prepare Ahead of Time

When it comes to office relocation, you must plan ahead of time, set aside a budget, and determine who will do what, when, and how. Otherwise, you’ll be rushing at the last minute, and nobody wants to pack staplers or load a dozen huge printers late at night. Aside from preparing for moving day, you’ll need to decide what to do with your stuff once you’ve arrived at your new workplace. A blueprint can be used to plan office and common space layouts, as well as any additional requirements. Plan on at least a couple of months to plan and execute your office relocation.

Tip: Work with a Relocation Manager

You’ll need a move manager to oversee the process, stay on top of things, and ensure everything goes smoothly. Although an administrative assistant is usually the best option, you can also hire someone who has past experience with business relocation.

Tip: Hire A Reliable Moving Company

The cost of an office move can be quite expensive. If you can afford it, engage a full-service moving company to handle the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. 

Request suggestions from your contacts for office moving services. You want to work with a company that has a proven track record of success. An excellent place to start is to invite a representative from each company to your office to assess the scope of the task.

Additionally, commercial moving companies should be licensed and insured.

Tip: Give Employees Their Individual Assignments

Even if the large goods are handled by a moving firm, assigning each person responsible for their own desk area will increase your overall efficiency. Set a deadline for your employees to pack up their desks and urge them to do so gradually and allow your personnel a few hours the day before the transfer to organize their workstations.

Tip: Keep Technology in Mind

One of the most time-consuming aspects of office relocation is disconnecting and reconnecting technological devices. As soon as the move date is determined, make a strategy for transporting your office’s electronic equipment. This category includes computers, servers, smartphones, and data plans. 

This is a large task that you cannot outsource to movers, so start arranging your group as soon as possible. Make an effort to recycle or donate any unused equipment. Additionally, use the EPA’s tools to determine where and how to safely dispose of unwanted equipment.

Tip: Acquaint Yourself with the Building Codes

Unless your company owns the structure, you will need to create a detailed inventory of all relocation requirements. You may be needed to use the service elevator outside of work hours or make a special request. It is important to receive these restrictions from the building management early on.


Now, you’re well aware of the few things to consider before you plan to move office. It is important to understand what your company requirements are, for instance the number of employees, type of equipment you have, and the amount of workstations that needs to be cleared up. With the volume of work you assess, you can also determine your budget. Keeping these tips and considerations in will help you plan your move strategically.

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